Outdoor Plants

Did You know?

We buy garden plants from over 15 different growers.
Each grower has their own specialty and we feel we have found the best in each category.
New plants arrive almost every single day during the month of May.
Please check back often for fresh product.


The majority of our perennials and herbs are bought from a third generation grower in nearby Germantown. Most of these plants are "field grown" (not greenhouse grown), which means they have been started outdoors in the same type of soil we all have in our gardens. “Field grown” plants haven't been pampered by a warm greenhouse and won't go into shock when transplanted into the ground. They'll be tough as can be when it comes to our Wisconsin winter.

Rose Bushes

In order to stay up-to-date with new rose varieties, we now have 4 growers for rose bushes: Weeks, Jackson & Perkins, Bailey's, and Monrovia. As with most plants, Mother Nature plays a big role in the hardiness of rose bushes in our area. There are many lower maintenance, hardy varieties that make rose growing easier than ever.

Hanging Baskets


We have a number of suppliers for hanging baskets. Our growers love to try new variations and always come up with outstanding combinations of Proven Winner® plants. If you've ever been here on the days they arrive, you know the amazing sight of the sea of colorful baskets.


Each year we fill our Arbor area with top quality, container-grown shrubs from some of the best nurseries in the area. We choose from the top varieties available at Monrovia, Bailey's and others.



Our geraniums come from a second generation grower in Oostburg. For over 40 years, we have been buying from this greenhouse. Specializing in geraniums, they grow hundreds of thousands each year. They know what they're doing! They deliver every few days so we always have fresh plants available.

Annuals, Veggies & Herbs

There is an area in southwestern Michigan that is home to many huge greenhouses where annuals, veggies, baskets, patio pots etc. are grown. Every year we review these growers to find the best plants available to bring to our store. Plants arrive every 2 or 3 days

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