Bulk Foods & Treats

We have over 4 dozen bulk bins overflowing with top quality, fresh food and treats at great prices. You may try just 1/4 pound or fill a 40 or 50 lb bag.

We also offer bulk bins of small animal and pet bird food and treats from Sun Seed Company, Oxbow, and Pretty Bird.

Bulk Wild Bird Foods include straight seeds: two kinds of sunflower seeds, two types of sunflower meats, Safflower seed, Nyjer (thistle) seed, white millet, whole or cracked corn, peanut pick outs, and in-shell peanuts.

Great Wild bird mixes including Prince No Waste Mix, Wild Delight Cardinal, Gourmet, NutnBerry, and our own Gardens Beautiful Supreme Mix.

Your dog can't go wrong if he sends you to Wisconsin Garden & Pet Supplies. Over a dozen different sizes, shapes, and flavors of dog treats in bulk! These include hard to find all-natural, wheat-free, and grain-free choices.

Make your choices and scoop it yourself, or our staff will help you make the right choice and bag it for you!

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